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Here is how you can set up your iPad to participate on Washington K20 video conferences.

  1. Download the Polycom iPad app here:
    1. [appstore id=465412616 style=”custombox1″]
  2. Log into the CMA server (version 1.0.4-13532_3373)
    1. You can use any email address and domain and password to do this.
    2. New for Version  1.2-16624_3818
    3. Click on “Skip Login”
  3. Go into settings (little cog on the lower right side)
    1. Turn off CMA Service  (version 1.0.4-13532_3373)
    2. Setup H.323 Setting
      1. Enable H.323 Calls (not an option  in latest version)
      2. Enable Gatekeeper Registration
        1. Change Gatekeeper Choice to “External Gatekeeper”
        2. Tap “External Gatekeeper” and  type gk.wa-k20.net
        3. Tap “H.323 Name” and type in the name you want to show up as when you call another site.
        4. Tap “H.323 Extension” and Set this to the H.323 Extension assigned to your system by the K-20 Gatekeeper Administrators. To request a K-20 H.323 Extension, please click here to go to the KORRS ITV Schedulers login page. You will need to enter your institution’s Scheduler ID and then choose the ‘Request H.323 Extension’ option from the list in order to enter and submit your request.
    3. Tap “Setting” at the top left of the page.
  4. Select WLAN Call Rate” and select 384Kbps
  5. Click “Done” at the top right of the page.
  6. Make a test call to the K20 Loopback number dial 0342222 Spokane or  0332222 Seattle.

You are done, remember to use responsibly.


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