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  • Use a AppleTV to mirror your iPad onto your projector.


Review from Sept ’11 – Couple things, 1st as with all wireless streaming it has some delays at times. Don’t know what this would look like if I had 20+ ipads all working while I am streaming my video. 2nd No sound. The apple TV sends sound out through the HDMI cable, but if you don’t have a HDMI projector the vga-HDMI converter only sends video no sound of course. The appleTV only sound output is optical, not very usefull in a classroom.  Outside of those issues it is pretty darn cool to be moving around the classroom with the ipad projected drawing in apps showing webpages and remote accessing my computer. Just a reminder you have to use a specific VGA to iPad adapter made by HP (see link below). Any cheap DVI-HDMI works fine though. So iPad $499, AppleTV $99, Display Adapter $39 get you close to coolness.

Picture the day when the teacher does their lesson infront of the class on their ipad (half the price of a interactive whiteboard) records it (ShowMe app) uploads it to the cloud and as the kids work on their lesson they can go back and watch the lesson on their ipad/ipod when they need assistance.


Creating an iOS classroom

Mission to have 25 students and one teacher with an iOS device in hand.

Charging or Cart options

Bretford PowerSync (pdf)
Bought through apple with or without ipads (here)

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